VIDEO GUIDES - Green Adaptor:

How to use a Logicor Green Adaptor:

How to use a Logicor Green Adaptor

This video shows you how to use your Logicor Green Adaptor. It will show you how easy it is to save energy.




For more information please contact us at or Tel. 01924 385659.


Q1. Can I fit the Green Plug to any electrical device in the UK?

Yes, you can fit the Green Plug to any 13amp appliance in the UK.


Q2. How do you fit the Green Plug to an appliance?

How to wire a Logicor Green Plug

Wiring a Green plug is as simple as wiring a traditional 3-Pin Plug.
This short video guide takes you through the simple process step by step.


Q3. How long will a Green Plug last?

A Green Plug will last 20 years but misuse could shorten this life.


Q4. Is the Green Plug available in formats for other countries?

Yes the Green Plug is available in other country formats but won't be on sale in those formats until the middle of 2012.


Q5. Where is the Green Plug made?

The Green Plug and its sister products are being made in China, Scotland and shortly the USA. Other locations will follow in 2012.


Q6. What time increments are the Green Plugs available in?

Green Plugs are available in 1 minute increments from 5 minutes upwards to approximately 90 minutes. Other times will be added later in 2012.


Q7. How much energy can a Green Plug save me?

That very much depends on what you have attached it to and how you use that device. In field trials of ten appliances we found that a single Green Plug will save you over 40% of the energy used by that appliance. By way of an example for a game console the trials showed an average saving of £114.16 over the life of the Green Plug (calculated at 15.9p per kWh of electricity).


Q8. What colour is the Green Plug available in?

The Green Plug is currently available in white with a limited number of black units now hitting the market. Later on during the year this will expand or if a large enough order is placed then we will make whatever colour the customer wishes.


Q9. How many Green Plugs have been made already?

If you go to and hit the word "Counter" and the bottom of the page it will display the number of plugs made and the amount of CO2 they are saving.


Q10. Do the Green Plugs have British Safety Standards?

The Green Plug has passed all UK safety standards and is RoHS and REACH approved also.


Q11. Are Green Plugs Energy Saving Recommended?

Yes the Green Plug is an Energy Saving Recommended product approved by the Energy Saving Trust.


Q12. Are Green Plugs waterproof?

No, the Green Plug, like any other standard plug, is not waterproof.


Q13. How much electicity does a Green Plug use?

A Green Plug uses no electricity at all. It is an air driven product.


Q14. How do I programme the time delay for a Green Plug?

Green Plugs have a fixed time delay and cannot be programmed by the user. It's set at the factory so you simply choose the time setting to fit your needs.


Q15. What if I choose the wrong time setting for my Green Plug?

You have two choices:
The first is to purchase a new Green Plug with a more appropriate time delay. Your existing Green Plug can then be removed and fitted to another appliance that better suites the time delay you have selected.

The second option is to continue to use your Green Plug on the existing appliance but push the Green Plug in at the end of its timer duration to restart the timer action again. It is so easy to use that most people take the second option.


Q16. Can I activate the Green Plug in with my feet or walking stick?

You can push the Green Plug in with almost anything and these two are certainly on the list of things that people have used in the past.


Q17. I have my Green Plug connected to a convector heater and after a while it gets warm, is this normal?

Yes, this is perfectly normal on high wattage appliances like heaters.


Q18. I've just purchased my Green Plug and put it on my appliance. I'm not getting the time delay stated on the plug. Is there something wrong with my Green Plug?

No, your Green Plug is fine. Your Green Plug will need to be compressed a few times after which normal operation will resume. If your Green Plug continues to give the wrong timer delay you can contact Logicor for a refund or replacement Green Plug as described in the 'Refund Policy'.


Q19. My Green Plug time delay sometimes changes by a few seconds, is this normal?

Yes this is normal and is down to how you press the Green Plug (try pressing it down and holding it for 2 seconds and then releasing it) and very quick changes in atmospheric pressure. Also make sure that you press the Green Plug all the way down until it stops.


Q20. Can I use a 10 minute plug on any other appliance apart from the Iron?

Yes, the appliance and timings on the box are just guidelines.


Q21. Can I be sure that the Green Plug will turn off my appliance at the predetermined time?

Yes, but please be aware that there is a 15% tolerance rate.


Q22. Can I remove the plug from one appliance and fit it onto another appliance without this affecting the timing mechanism?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to change the Plug to another appliance without this affecting the time of your Green Plug.


Q23. If I fit a Green Plug would this affect the warranty of my appliance, should my appliance become faulty?

Fitting the Green Plug does not affect your warranty.


Q24. Does an iron have to have a 5-10 minute Green Plug or can I fit a longer time plug?

You can fit any time duration Green Plug to any appliance, our timer guidelines are meant to be used only as guidance. For example, you could fit a 15-minute Green Plug to an iron and unplug or switch off your iron manually if you finish using the iron before the 15 minutes are over. Your Green Plug timer will continue to retract until the 15 minutes are reached without using any electricity because it is air-driven. You still have the added safety benefit that if you forget to turn off the iron yourself, then Green Plug will automatically switch it off completely after 15 minutes.


Q25. Could a child activate the Green Plug?

Yes, if the plug was at a height where a child could reach, the plug could be activated.


Q26. If I activated my Green Plug and decided that I would like my appliance to be on for a longer period of time, do I have to wait until the plug is fully retracted before I can reset the appliance?

No, if you decide that you require a longer time just fully depress the Green Plug to return to the full time.


Q27. Should my Green Plug fail can I have a replacement or my money back?

Yes, we would either replace your Green Plug or give a full refund plus postage costs. Please refer to our website for our full Refund Policy.


Q28. Can I be fully confident that if I leave the house leaving an appliance on with a Green Plug fitted, the appliance will turn off at the selected time?

Yes, as well as saving energy the Green Plug works as a safety device and will give peace of mind if appliances such as hair straighteners are left on after leaving home.


Q29. I have elderly parents, would the Green Plug be a device they could understand and use with ease?

Yes, the simple push and go mechanism makes the plug easy to use. Also the plug is ideal for elderly people who may forget to turn off their appliances.

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