News Updates 2010


Green Plug Adaptor is here!

Green Plug Adaptors will be available from the end of December. The Adaptor compliments the Green Plug energy saver range and is designed to save you electricity and provide the convenience of Green Plug but without having to rewire your appliances.


Green Plug on Facebook

Follow Green plug on Facebook Green Plug can now be followed on Facebook from 17th November.


Green Plug on Twitter

Follow Green plug on Twitter Green Plug can now be followed on Twitter from 10th November.


Green Plug arrives in white

Green Plug 'White'
The new white version of the Green Plugs becomes available from the 29th October 2010.


Green Plug meets new Energy Saving Trust's criteria

energy saving trust Energy Saving Mains Controllers have been endorsed under the Energy Saving Trust Recommended scheme since January 2006. The certification criteria have now been updated to expand the scope of products eligible for endorsement and to reflect updated standards. Logicor's Green Plug range of products meet these new criteria.


Wasted energy is costing UK households an average of £365 per year

Click here to download the Press Release (doc 34kB)


Logicor's Green Plug in the Yorkshire Post.

"In Wakefield, the council is trialling a new Green Plug, designed by a local company, Logicor, in 70 council houses to test its impact on energy bills..."


"A Bright Idea" PSLG Building Article

The Public Sector and Local Government Building Magazine (PSLG Building) featured Logicor's Green Plug range in their June sustainability issue. Click here to download the article (pdf 761kB)


Green Plug reaches Parliament!

Mary Creagh (Labour MP; Wakefield) raised Logicor's achievements this month in Parliament:

"I am grateful to the Minister for giving way to me for a second time. On his point about innovation and local firms, may I say that Logicor Ltd, a firm in my constituency, has developed a plug that automatically turns off after a set period of time? When people iron for three quarters of an hour or an hour-or, in my case, five minutes-the plug will then automatically turn off, so there is no danger of someone forgetting about the iron, leaving it on and potentially setting their house on fire. Such appliances have huge potential to make energy and financial savings for homes, be it through turning off the light on someone's microwave or the light on their dishwasher-those devices also use energy"


Green Plug venture deal with major EMS provider

Logicor have entered a joint venture deal with a world-class Electronics Manufacturing Services provider to take the sole manufacture of Logicor's Green Plugs onto the global market. The deal will enable rapid expansion onto the highly lucrative North American and Asian continents to continue on from Green Plug's successful UK launch in 2009.

Further details will be released later this year.


Save up to £365 a year on power bills with Green Plug and Wall Sockets...

Imperial College Report Jan 2010Wasted energy is costing UK households an average of £365 per year. This is according to research carried out by Professor Martin Crowder of Imperial College London into a ComRes survey researching energy wastage, on behalf of Logicor Ltd.

Professor Martin Crowder stated: "This research reveals that there are definite savings to be made. It is worth noting that the average figure quoted also masks a huge variation, so for some there will be even more potential for saving with the use of an appliance like the Green Plug."

Read the full report...

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