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Logicor signs a deal with a major South African manufacturer...

Logicor signs a deal with a major South African manufacturer Logicor signs a deal with a major South African manufacturer that will see two new factories built in South Africa each employing more than 400 staff to produce its energy saving products. The deal is backed by more than one government agency and will bring much needed jobs to South Africa.

The deal creates a much needed African base from which Logicor can feed its products into Sub Saharan Africa. The factories are expected to be operational by the end of 2012 with recruitment beginning in January 2012.


Green Plug mentioned in Parliament again...

Green Plug in Parliament Logicor and the Green Plug featured in a recent debate in the House of Commons on Environmental Protection and Green Growth.


Mary Creagh said:
"I could not agree more with my hon. Friend.
I must tell the hon. Member for East Antrim (Sammy Wilson) that a green company in my constituency, Logicor, manufactures a product called a Green Plug, and has business angel backing to roll it out nationally and internationally. The plug fits to an iron or other appliance, and automatically turns it off after 15 or 20 minutes if someone leaves the room and forgets to do so. It has been shown that that can reduce carbon emissions in the home by about 50%. The company's research demonstrated that what we all fail to switch off most often is our computer printer. I share that with the House and the nation for those who wish do their bit on climate change."


Green Plug nominated for 'Made By Britain' Project...

Green Plug in Parliament Mary Creagh, Labour Member of Parliament for Wakefield and Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has nominated Green Plug for the 'Made By Britain" project to illustrate the quality of UK manufacturing in her constituency.

The project was launched on 6th July by Vince Cable, who said:
"British industry remains among the very best for the quality and originality of what it makes. We export our goods to every corner of the world, from famous international brands to products which, while less well known, make a real difference to the lives of millions. With the Olympics bringing so much attention to Britain this is a fantastic opportunity to show the rest of the world that we make world-beating products."


Energy Saving Winner Saves 51% Energy with Green Plugs.

Energy Saving Winner Saves 51% Energy with Green Plugs.Green Plug recently ran a mini trial to see if consumers were given the choice of Green Plugs for their homes totally free of charge how many they would have and what effect that would have on their electricity consumption.

The person who received the best energy saving results achieved 51% energy savings during the trial. He is seen here pictured receiving his winning cheque for £354.80.


The Results of the trial can be seen here:

Total percentage saving on the whole trial 33.50%
Average household saving 38.33%
Best saving achieved 51%

It is clear that if Green Plugs were deployed to more homes and on more appliances then greater energy savings could be achieved. When you consider that all the Green Plug does is it turns electric appliances off that you accidentally leave on and unattended the energy saving is substantial.

The trial reinforces Logicor's belief that the quickest way to achieve the highest energy saving in today's households is to simply turn off appliances, and the Green Plug is a great way to take care of that process without having to think about it.


Green Plug Adaptor is now in the USA!

USA Green Plug AdaptorThe USA version of the energy saving Adaptor differs from the UK version not just by the pin configuration but it also has a fully user adjustable timer control.

The second new feature to be released in the USA version is an interchangeable fragrance pellet that will release a room fragrance to combine the functions of an air freshener and an energy saving device in one single product. Each pellet will give up to 30 days fragrance.

These new Green Plug Adaptors will be available from the end of 2011 in the USA via our US distributor.


Energy Saving Trust Verifies Green Plug Energy and Carbon Savings

Energy Saving Trust VerifiedThe Energy Saving Trust uses a number of saving statements in their marketing material, website content and other mediums to illustrate the affect devices within the home have upon our energy bills and CO2 footprint. By using comparative examples it allows consumers to visualise a usually abstract concept such as CO2 emissions into something more tangible.


Energy Saving Trust Verifies Green Plug Energy and Carbon SavingsThe saving statements created for Logicor's Green Plug were developed to do just that, by creating examples and scenarios for different situations the Green Plug could be used, a consumer can start to build a picture of what impact their actions have and how the Green Plug can help mitigate that impact.


Hawkesworth Appliance Testing Ltd Deal...

Hawkesworth Appliance Testing Ltd, the UK's largest PAT testing company sign a deal with Logicor to distribute its products. It's the first deal of its kind for both companies making Hawkesworth the only PAT testing company in the UK licenced to stock products like the Green Plug.

"This is a great opportunity for both companies and we look forward to distributing Logicor products to our customers" said Tim Crowley Managing Director of Hawkesworth Appliance Testing Ltd.


How to wire a Green Plug

How to Wire a Green PlugWatch the video guide on how to wire a Green Plug.

Wiring a Green plug is as simple as wiring a traditional 3-Pin Plug.
This short video guide takes you through the simple process step by step.


Plugging the Energy Market

Plugging the Energy MarketIf you want to save energy, turn off your household appliances. Its not rocket science - but that is the idea behind a groundbreaking range of energy saving products set to cut household bills by a staggering 40 percent.... Read more


Firm's innovation holds out hope of slashing power bills

Firm's innovation holds out hope of slashing power billsLogicor's Green Plug is a great example of an innovative British company providing a practical solution to an environmental problem.
Rising gas and electric prices have piled more pressure on consumers over the last two years and Logicor hopes the Green Plug will reduce the number of people who are stuck in fuel poverty.


Green Plug is Energy Saving Trust Recommended

Energy Saving Trust Recommended Logicor's Energy Saving Green PlugThe Energy Saving Trust has officially recommended Logicor's Timer Energy Saving Plug (Green Plug) to help save you money and help the environment.

The Energy Saving Trust is a non-profit organisation that provides free, impartial advice tailored to help you save money and fight climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from your home. Only the most energy efficient products carry the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo, making it a quick and easy way for you to identify products that have met the strictest criteria on energy efficiency. These products will cost you less to run, contribute towards savings on your energy bills and help reduce carbon emissions. The criteria are set by an independent panel and reviewed annually.


Mary Creagh, Labour MP Wakefield Visits Green Plug

Mary Creagh visits LogicorMary Creagh, Labour Member of Parliament for Wakefield and Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs visited Logicor this month to see the Wakefield home of Green Plug.

Mary wanted to find out first-hand how Green Plug can save up to 92.5% energy usage in the home as highlighted in the recent report by Professor Crowder of Imperial College London.


Mary Creagh visits LogicorMary was impressed by the results and recognises the potential for reducing energy bills in the home, particularly for those affected by fuel poverty.


Green Plug Energy Saving Trial Results in the News

The recent report by Professor Crowder of Imperial College London which shows that Green Plug can reduce energy usage in home and office electrical appliances by on average 40% and up to 92.5% on some appliances hit the news this month.


£1000 Prize Draw Winner Announced

Prize Draw WinnerThe prize draw winner from Logicor's Green Plug Trials has been announced.
Mr Stratton of Wakefield took part in one of Logicor's recent product trials and was entered into a prize draw along with all other eligible participants. His name was drawn from a hat by one of Logicor's directors Vivien Wishart.


Green Plug Trial TeamLogicor's Green Plug Product trials involved 68 households in the Wakefield area and data was recorded from around 500 electrical appliances. The team appointed to Mr Stratton's home trial are pictured here with Mr. Stratton (centre) and Vivien Wishart. The results of the trial can be read above in the next news article.


Statistical Report on Green Plug Trial

Statistical Report on Green Plug Trial"The largest reduction of electricity use in the trial was obtained from attaching the Green Plug to printers. This yielded on average a 92.5% reduction in electricity use of this appliance"

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