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Logicor (R&D) Ltd ready for action

Logicor (R&D) Ltd
The transition to move all research and development work into a single company has now been completed. Logicor (R&D) Ltd now executes all work in that area for the group. This was the final stage of the plan put in place earlier in the year to restructure the group so that it would be fit for the fast pace of business in 2013. With the group restructuring completed the 15 companies can now operate more efficiently in 2013.


We move into our newly kitted out offices

Logicor moves into new home As part of the expansion plans of the group we have just moved into our purpose designed offices which has been equipped with all the facilities you would expect including a Gym.

As an R&D facility we are equipped with the latest equipment that will allow us to produce all of our portfolio of products in house making us virtually a self-contained facility.

Strict security remains in force throughout the building to protect the work we do but it is a great place to work and because the staff work hard we do tend to let our hair down and play hard too.


Logicor (Group) Ltd acquires controlling interest in Logicor Ltd.

Logicor (Group) Ltd
Logicor (Group) Ltd acquires controlling interest in Logicor Ltd. The purpose of the acquisition is to create a more easily manageable structure within the group and it is a pre-cursor to all research and development work being moved to a separate research and development company within the group. This will allow a separate R&D engine to exist focusing solely on creating new products for the group to exploit.


Green Adaptor products achieve ETL certification in Canada and the USA

Green Adaptor ETL Certified Green Adaptor for the USA and Canada Our Logicor Green Adaptor products have now achieved safety standards via ETL certification in both Canada and the USA. This is another leap forward for us in penetrating other markets around the world and not just the UK. Logicor is dedicated to making sure our products are the safest they could possibly be and we pride ourselves on producing a first rate product.

This is how the final version of our Green Adaptor for the USA and Canada will look.


Australian version of the Green Adaptor released

Australian version of the Green Adaptor releasedAfter five weeks of intensive development and a few iterations the first Australian version of the Green Adaptor is now released and will hit the Australian market later this year.

This is a fully user adjustable version giving the user the ability to set the time delay from 5 minutes right up to 24 hours.

The Australian version will launch without the fragrance function but benefits from internal modifications to make the unit much smaller. It will initially be available in white but other colours will be introduced later.

The first units are now off to Australia for safety standards dimensional checks and focus group feedback.


Logicor signs a deal with a major Australian distributor

Logicor signs a deal with a major Australian distributorLogicor signs a deal with a major Australian distributor to exclusively distribute the Australian version of its Green Plug products into Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

The products for this market will be made outside of Australia at one of Logicor's existing manufacturers but no final decision has been taken as to which one will be tasked with making that product.

The deal represents a very expedient way for Logicor to move into the Australian market in a major way with a very experienced company that specialises in this field. There is a further four to six months of work to be done in preparation for the launch of the Australian products but so far 2012 is turning out to be quite a year.


Green Adaptor is Energy Saving Trust Recommended

Energy Saving Trust Recommended Logicor's Energy Saving Green PlugThe Energy Saving Trust has officially recommended Logicor's Energy Saving Green Adaptor to help save you money and help the environment.

The Energy Saving Trust is a non-profit organisation that provides free, impartial advice tailored to help you save money and fight climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from your home. Only the most energy efficient products carry the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo, making it a quick and easy way for you to identify products that have met the strictest criteria on energy efficiency. These products will cost you less to run, contribute towards savings on your energy bills and help reduce carbon emissions. The criteria are set by an independent panel and reviewed annually.


Logicor are proud members of National Energy Action

Logicor wants to help to eradicate Fuel Poverty in the UK and as such are proud members of the NEA
Logicor wants to help to eradicate Fuel Poverty in the UK and as such are proud members of the NEA. More than 7 million households in the UK cannot afford to heat their homes to a standard required for good health and comfort. They are in fuel poverty, needing to spend 10% or more of their income on energy.


Think of fuel poverty as having to make a decision between paying to have the heating on or using the money to buy food. No one should have to make that decision and Logicor wants to do what is can to help. Our energy saving products will help combat these problems.

NEA develops and promotes energy efficiency services to tackle the heating and insulation problems of low-income households. Working in partnership with central and local government; with fuel utilities, housing providers and health services; and with consumer organisations, NEA aims to eradicate fuel poverty and campaigns for greater investment in energy efficiency to help those who are poor or vulnerable.

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