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- Ratings: AC 100V - 240V / 50 - 60HZ / Maximum 13A.
- Power rating: 0.2W - 3120W.
- Voltage rating: 90V - 250V (tolerance: ±(1% +1)).
- Current rating: 0A - 13A (tolerance ±(1.5%+25)).
- Operating temperature: -10ºC to +40ºC.
- Humidity: 85%RH.
- Up to altitude of 2000m (indoor use).
- Time's stated on the box are accurate to plus or minus 15% on average.
- Constant time delay achieved after first few uses.
- Note differences in ambient temperature and pressure could have a minor effect on the plug times

Help reduce your electricity consumption on average by more than 33%.
Automatically switches off electricity appliances after a predetermined time.

Energy saver, safety & convenience in one...

Green Plug is designed to switch off electrical appliances that are either accidentally left switched on or normally left on standby for long periods of time.

Energy saving

Each Green Plug has an integrated air-driven timer function that switches off the power supply completely and automatically after a predetermined duration. Because it is air-driven you can be sure that the Green Plug and any connected appliances consume zero electricity when switched off. Standby energy drain is now a thing of the past and your carbon emissions are reduced!

Push and go

With a simple push of the plug, the built in timer starts a count-down and switches off the power completely after a predetermined duration. Plugs will be available with different pre-set durations suited to different consumer needs. Below are suggested time settings for popular appliances:


Time Range

Iron 5 - 15 mins
Pair of hair straighteners 5 - 10 mins
Microwave oven 10 - 15 mins
Printer 10 - 20 mins
Set of hair curlers 15 - 25 mins
Deep fat fryer 15 - 25 mins
Convector heater 15 - 35 mins
Hi-Fi 20 - 35 mins
Pair of PC or MP3 speakers 20 - 40 mins
Electric blanket 20 - 45 mins
Lamp 30 - 40 mins
TV in a bedroom or child's room 30 - 50 mins
Battery charger 30 - 60 mins


Whilst Green Plug will work with almost all appliances, please note that there are some appliances that are not designed to be shut off in an abrupt manner or not at all.
These include projectors, PC towers, bedside clocks, fridges, freezers etc. Please read the instructions supplied by the manufacturer when deciding to fit a Green Plug to that appliance.

If you require any advice or guidance please fell free to contact your retailer or e-mail us direct on info@green-plug.co.uk and we will be happy to assist.

Safety first

Green Plug carries British Safety Standards approval and provides a valuable ally to the smoke or fire alarm. Potential fire risk devices in the home such as an electric blanket, hot-iron or hair-curlers will be automatically and completely switched off from the power supply after a predetermined duration by the Green Plug when you forget to unplug them yourself.

Green Plug avoids those panic moments when you've dashed off to the shops or gone out for the evening and can't remember if you switched off the iron or not.

  Don’t worry about leaving things switch on again
  Save up to £30 a year by turning appliances off.
  Make sure your light switch off automatically.


The Green Plug is tested very rigorously to ensure that it meets the highest quality and standards possible.

The plugs have successfully passed EN55014-1 2006 and EN55014-2: 1997, it has also passed BS5733/A, BS1363, BS EN 60730-2-7 and is RoHS compliant and CE marked. It meets all relevant safety standards in the UK but, we still test further with plugs going through simulated 15 years of use on test rigs such as the one below as part of our own in house testing to ensure quality.

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